3 Weeks In

We’re now three weeks in to our renovation of The Hygge Suite. Although in some ways it doesn’t feel like we’ve completed much, when we look at how the bedroom looked before compared to how it looks now there’s a massive difference, even in its unfinished state.

Bedroom before
Bedroom during renovation

The room is much brighter, fresher and with that blue/grey shiplap wall, cozier. I’m loving how the floor turned out. We chose a waterproof laminate so it’s hard-wearing and will resist all the water and mud that’ll undoubtedly come into the suite from the lake and ski slopes. And the mirrored sliding doors reflect so much light into the room, they’re great! Plus you get to check out how you look before hitting the slopes, always important.

This week demo begins on the main living area – the floors and kitchen cabinets. One thing we never really thought about when diving into this renovation, was that being a one bed, one bath condo, living in the midst of renovations is not entirely that fun. And this week will definitely top that with no kitchen to cook any food. It’ll be microwave food and dry cereal for us this weekend. Wish us luck!

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